Concrete fence

Concrete fence principle

Concrete fence is secure, fine-looking, easy to install, affordable and resistable against freeze and weather conditions. It is ideal for use as garden fence because of it`s attractive stone-looking appearance, durability, noise reduction and easy installation. Concrete fence is combined of three base components:

Principle is simple: between two concrete fence posts are inserted concrete fence panels resulting in fine-looking screening wall. At the fence finishing are applied concrete fence end posts and at the corners are applied concrete fence corner posts.

There are several heights of concrete fence available:

  • 150 cm (three concrete fence panels used)
  • 200 cm (four concrete fence panels used)
  • 250 cm (five concrete fence panels used)

Both concrete panels and post are reinforced with steel bars.

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Advantages of concrete fence

  • Easy to install
  • Service free – resistable against wind, rain, snow, freeze
  • Long term durability – up to 50 years
  • Completely dismountable
  • Secure – protects property against unwanted looks, noise, strange infringement, …
  • Price affordable
  • Suitable for private property, cottege, industrial areas, but also for lands, forests

Disadvantages of concrete fence

  • Weight – one running feet weights 125lbs. On the other side, this ensures durability and stability of fence.

Where to use concrete fence

  • Fine-looking border as garden fence
  • Barrier neighboor walls
  • Secure fencing of industrial areas
  • Noise barrier
  • Everywhere, where is wall separation needed by keeping attractive appearance

Concrete fence panels

Each concrete fence panel is 200 cm width and 50 cm height. Thickness is 4,5 cm in average, depends on relief of panel. Front size is always with slate pattern, back size is always flat. Concrete is reinforced with steel bars.

Concrete fence posts

Concrete fence line post has two panel slot at the opposite sides, concrete fence corner post has two panel slots at the two adjacent sides. Concrete fence end post has one panel slot at one side, the other side is filled with concrete.

There are following heights of posts available:

For fence height

is fence post length:

from which is slot length

and solid concrete length

1,5 m

220 cm

150 cm

70 cm

2 m

275 cm

200 cm

75 cm

2,5 m

340 cm

250 cm

90 cm

Each post is reinforced with steel bars.

Payment & delivery conditions

Fence height

Price per running ft.

Minimal order (in ft.)

Minimal order (in £)

1,5 m




2,0 m




2,5 m




All prices are including VAT and shipping per mainland UK.

  • Payment is in advance.
  • Prices are without installation.
  • For supply discharge wooden pallete manipulator (minimal lifting capacity 2 tons) is required.
  • Term of delivery is up to 8 weeks after placing an order.


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